Absorption/Adsorption Cooler, An Innovative Heat Exchange Solution

“A warm welcome to ABS Plumbing & Heating Stockport, your neighbourhood gas engineer in Stockport. ABS Plumbing & Heating has been a household name within the Gas Safe Register since 1979. With one of the most recognized companies in the region, we are proud to offer a variety of services, including boiler service, central heating, combi boilers, domestic & central heating, combi-boilers, fridge & freezer burners, integrated gas pipelines, gas leakage, water storage & waste management and water treatment. We also perform regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs on our appliances and buildings.”

ABS Plumbing Heating Stockport

Since ABS Plumbing & Heating carries the leading brands of heating and ventilation products and services, they are an industry leader in installation of boilers, central heating systems and heat pump technology. They use modern equipment, high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with confidence, reliability and performance. A combination of experienced tradesmen and a wide range of qualified technicians, ABS Plumbing & Heating Stockport has mastered the art of designing, installing and maintaining an extensive variety of boilers for domestic and commercial applications.

Over the years, ABS Plumbing & Heating Stockport has expanded their range of products, services and technology. Today, they cover all sectors of the residential, commercial and industrial heating sectors. Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction is what sets them apart from other plumbing companies. Whether it is the latest innovations, or simple plumbing services, ABS Plumbing & Heating Stockport is your one-stop-shop for all your plumbing and heating requirements.

Their skilled and experienced plumbers, engineers and technicians use innovative tools and high-end machinery to make every process of plumbing and heating more efficient. They ensure that your heating and ventilation system is installed to the highest standards possible. This results in saving on energy bills, as well as ensuring that your HVAC system performs at its optimum. They also take care to install the system in a manner that reduces the chances of leaks. The latest equipment allows them to do this flawlessly. In fact, installing the ABS heating and ventilation system in a proper way can increase life span of a heating and ventilation system by several years, reduce energy bills and enhance its safety.

As a leading heating and cooling company, ABS Plumbing & Heating stockport manufactures and sells a wide range of central heating & ventilation systems such as boilers, ventilators, heat exchangers, air handlers, etc., as well as complete solutions for boilers, ventsilators, heat exchangers, fans, heaters and more. They even offer custom-designed systems for clients who require special installations. Whether it is a boiler or a furnace, a central heating system or a water heater, ABS pluming & heating can install it for you. For any kind of HVAC installation, from an oil-fired system to a gas-fired system, they are experts in their work.

To keep up with today’s demands, ABS Pluming & heating has been innovating new products. For example, the latest innovation is a portable water heater that saves fuel and time as well. Another innovation is the Absorption/ Adsorption Cooler, which is a patented heat exchange solution. It combines high-tech ceramic absorbers with ultra-efficient, low Noise cooling fans. It reduces noise, heat transfer and air friction, and enhances central heating & cooling efficiency.